Saturday, 31 March 2012

The sad tale of little Hugo

Remember Hugo?  Our little teeny weeny boy.

Remember how he fought to survive when he was born so small and weak?  Remember how he spent several nights with me in my sleeping bag in the caravan to keep him warm through the cold March nights?

After writing last night's blog I returned to the barn to find him lying on his side and crying in pain.  Something was clearly not right.  This was not just a simple case of bloat but something a bit more sinister.  I medicated him for all the usual suspects and took him into the caravan with me again.  We spent a long and restless few hours together before he finally died in my arms around 3am this morning. 

As I have said before - all goats are special but some are more special than others.  Some find a place in your heart and hit you hardest when they fall.  Although he was only with us for a few weeks, Hugo was one such goat.  He was a tiny person with a big personality and we will all miss him.

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