Monday, 12 September 2011

Raindrops aren't falling on my goats

The goats are all pretty happy today but as the weather is a bit wet and very windy, they will not venture out into the field very much. Wind does not bother them much but they absolutely HATE rain. Even a tiny spot sends everyone snorting and racing back in to the barn. You can simply just NOT get your ears wet.
Even in good weather, many of the older (and lazier) goats spend a lot of their day eating hay indoors and lying around.

Flora is one such goat (very lazy but not particularly old at 7 years) and, after milking, she will always try to get the best spot right underneath one of the large hayracks. Not only is this an exceedingly comfy and cosy place to lie, but it also enables her to eat from the hayrack whilst lying down. Minimal effort required and her waistline is testament to the amount of effort expended!  You can get some idea of her sylph-like figure from this picture, although it doesn't really do her justice! (that's Thelma trying to muscle in on the photo, by the way).

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