Friday, 20 May 2016

Kidding season draws to a close

Two blogs in two days!  Can you believe it ...

Well, Cleo hung on to her babies until a very respectable time of the morning as we were milking.  Interestingly, her mum JoJo stood guard whilst she was in labour and wouldn't let any of the other goats near her ..  Here you see Margot (the white goat) trying to have a look at the babies.  JoJo will have none of it!

 Cleo had two little females .. one is a little Mini-Me.  Spitting image of mum and grandmum!  The other little diddly one is a lovely brown colour.  Mum and babies doing fine!

Not to be outdone, Gilly then started off as well!  About a week early .. I think she just wanted to get rid of that enormous udder!  So, one female and one male for Gilly.

Needless to say, those two are faced with a bit of challenge to feed off mum so some human assistance is required (and a strong pair of hands!)

So, that's it for this year.  Unless anyone has a surprise up their sleeve ... Kidding season is officially over!

One more night in the caravan so I can keep an eye on the new arrivals .. and then back home tomorrow.  Marmite cat will be pleased!

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