Saturday, 16 January 2016

A dry day at last!

Finally!!  It has actually stopped raining for a couple of days.  Hurrah!  David has managed to get out and do some long overdue hedgecutting and we are no longer knee-deep in mud.  I am sure that it is only a brief respite but let's enjoy it while it lasts!

While I was out at market today I received a text from David which simply said 'goaties in field'.  As you may recall, they absolutely hate rain and so none of them have been anywhere near their field for several weeks now.  They have stuck their little noses out of the barn door occasionally and then promptly retreated back to the comfort of their straw and hay racks!

But today, the ground was hard and dry, the sun was shining and so off they went racing down to the bottom of the field:

Happy days!

Those big old Gracie Moos are happy too in their new home.  Lots of cosy warm straw and plenty to eat ... this was breakfast time ..

And here is our oldest girlie - Gracie 196.  She and her companion are 10 years old this March.

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