Thursday, 11 June 2015

Monkey goes milking

If you happen to be in the Balham (South London) area this Saturday, call in to the Farmers Market and come and meet a few of our goatie babies.  I will be taking around 6 of our little people to market for people to cuddle and feed .. they are very lovely so do come and see us if you are around!

Meanwhile, our new mums and babies are all getting along very well, although Pippi is being a bit of a bossy goat to the younger mums when it comes to feeding time.  But most of the time, all is well .. Here they all are:

From bottom left going round .. Naomi, Pippi, KitKat, Sadie and Aretha,  All with their respective baby goaties.

Young Husky-Monkey is still growing and spends most of her day just wandering around the farm.  Yesterday morning she was running around playing with the two collie dogs!  Here she is in one of her quieter moments ..

In the morning she follows her Auntie Ginger into the milking parlour for breakfast.  One morning this week, she decided that she would also go up the ramp to see what went on 'upstairs' ..

She is so much like her mum was at her age ..

David is having a very busy week as harvest has started already!  The grass is growing really well at the moment and so he decided that he would cut and bale one field to make haylage.  For those of  you who don't know, haylage is almost hay but is slightly fermented.  It is cut and dried like hay but baled and wrapped just before it is completely dry so that it ferments slightly as it warms up.  It is really nutritious for the goaties and they absolutely adore it!  A good bale of haylage smells just like a lovely glass of cider .. yummy!

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