Saturday, 18 April 2015

Students and the story of Little Rubbish

Well it's been mightily busy on the kidding front since I last wrote to you.  We have had two fantastic vet students come and go .. Beth stayed with us for a week whilst Lizzie managed 2 weeks of very long hours.

Lizzie took some great photos so I will be using many of them on our blog.  She managed to get a great one of Beth being taken for a walk along the wall by Wispy who had decided that someone else's hay rack looked considerably more tasty than her own ..

And I took a shot of Lizzie with that naughty little Husky daughter ..

Whilst Lizzie managed to take an unintentional selfie of herself and Ginger!

So here are some of Lizzie's collection of pics .. general shots in and around the goatie barn at kidding time ..

Foolishly, she decided to take her lunch out into the field to enjoy some quiet time with the goats.  Needless to say, those goatie girls had other ideas ..

And we also managed to get an amusing little video of one of the kids snoozing.  Reminded us of one of those commuters who is falling asleep on the train on the way home whilst trying desperately to stay awake ...  So tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open ..

And finally for tonight - who is Little Rubbish?  Well, big old Florence goat had 3 little kids.  Number 43 is a fine young man but he steadfastly refuses to drink milk from a bottle.  Or a teat.  Or a bowl.  Or a jug.  Or a bucket.  In fact, he absolutely refuses to drink milk from anything at all.  We nicknamed him Rubbish Number 43 ..

In desperation, we took him back to mum to see if he would feed from her.  But Florence refused to have him anywhere near her - she stamped and kicked and bit his little bottom!  So, we took him over to dear old Auntie Wilma who decided that she would give him his breakfast.  Good old Auntie Wilma.

But a few hours later, Wilma had changed her mind and would not let him feed again.  We tried a few more of the goats who might have been amenable to feeding a foster kid, but sadly none of them would have him either.

Finally, I spotted a white goat called Maisea who seemed to be watching our little chap with interest.  I walked over to her and put Number 43 down - he immediately ran over to her to feed.  Maisea sniffed at him briefly and then just stood there while he filled up his little tum with lovely goatie milk.  Had we found him a foster mum?

Well, dear readers, it would seem so.  Little Rubbish and Maisea have become quite a couple. When Maisea thinks that it must be feeding time, she comes to the gate and calls to her little chap.  He calls back to her from his house and waits for us to pick him up and walk him over to the main goat area.  There he runs over to Maisea who then stands contentedly feeding him.

Lucky Little Rubbish!

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