Thursday, 26 February 2015

Just over a week to go ..

David and I are pretty certain that Husky is going to be a dreadful mother! We fully expect her to throw a tantrum and refuse to look after her babies .. but we shall see.  Just over a week to go until young Madam is due to kid .. she is starting to look very tired these days and prefers to spend most of her time lying in her favourite spot under the hayrack.

However, she does still demand to come into the parlour and drink from the tap ..

Someone else who has become very demanding of late is our little deformed Fizzy Wizzy goat .. Since most of her friends are now coming through the parlour, she doesn't like to think that she may be missing out on something and so she comes round to the back door and shouts until we let her in.

Then she runs up the ramp at the first opportunity ..

Small but very feisty.  Noone messes with a Fizzy Wizz!

This year's Dolly Parton award goes to Meryl (with Florence a very close second).

Poor Meryl still has a couple of weeks to go before the arrival of her babies.  I can't believe that her udder can grow much more before it explodes!

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  1. Florence and Meryl both need the equivalent of over shoulder boulder holders..