Thursday, 8 January 2015

Who's a pretty boy then?

Here he is then .. the newest arrival on the farm...

Little Fred.  Born to our oldest and biggest Gracie Moo.  She, of course, is a wonderful mum.  Follows him everywhere with that wonderful deep maternal moo-ing noise so characteristic of a proud new mum.

And everyone else was also very pleased to welcome the little chap .. Though probably slightly more interested in the lashings of new straw laid out to keep them all dry and cosy.

Goatie helper Anita managed to get some great pics of the little people this week ..

Bottoms up at breakfast time!

Although one little fellow decided that he would prefer breakfast in bed...

He didn't fall in the trough and he wasn't stuck.  He just ran over and lay down in it to eat his breakfast!

All those different colours look so nice in a line-up:

And check out those cheeky little faces ...

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