Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Babies, babies and more babies!

Seems that rather a lot of our girls were very late in season this spring .. all that fluttering of eyelashes at the boys has resulted in an Indian Summer of kids .. 24 so far and still more to come I'm sure!

Two of Mary's goats set the ball rolling with Katya having a female and Kismet a male .. They were closely followed by Goblin who decided that she would have 3 little girls ..

Other new mums include Bassey:



 And our dear old Wilma goat:

Wilma had two little white girlies which David had to pull out backwards.  They have been a little bit poorly, especially the one at the front of this picture who has not been doing very well at all.  But a few nights in the caravan with goatie mum Debbie, lots of warm milk and attention from Wilma have made a huge improvement and she actually managed to stand up on her own today. 

Wilma is doing really well, if a little tired.  Of course, as a geriatric mother, she has all the privileges of age - lots of treats and many bananas!

And how about this little girlie?


Isn't she just beautiful?!  We haven't had one marked like this before .. she is going to be called Domino.

And in the midst of all this activity, we have got another racing pigeon to look after.  It landed on Saturday afternoon but we were not able to catch it for a couple of days.  It is looking a bit poorly at the moment and so I am having to feed it and look after it until it is picked up at the end of the week.  It belongs to a very nice chap in South Wales.

I'm back off to another night in the caravan outside the goat barn tonight .. very late in the year to be doing that!

I leave you with a little clip of what babies get up to while mums are busy eating their breakfast ..

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