Thursday, 19 June 2014

A new goatie mum and the invalid

Today was the day that our young friend Flo became a new goatie mum!  Having visited us a few times and got to know the goaties, she had finally chosen sisters Diana and Vera to be the start of the new Florence Sinnett Goat Milk herd. 

Our girls were very excited to have such a responsibility!  David and I loaded them into the trailer and set off around the M25 to take them to their new home in Essex.

They travelled very well and were so chilled out on arrival that David had to get into the trailer to make them stand up!  But as soon as they spotted their wonderful new house and lots of yummy fresh grass to eat, they soon got moving ..

Flo has built a lovely new house for them which they were very keen to investigate:

Flo will be milking them by hand and has built a fantastic milking stand for them.  A message from her tonight said that both girls had coped very well with being milked by hand and they had hopped up onto the stand with no problem.

The girls took Flo out for a little trot to investigate the grass

and they soon wandered off by themselves to see what else was on offer!

Look pretty relaxed about the whole thing I think!  They are very lucky girls to have such a wonderful new goatie mum.  I am certain that Flo will spoil them rotten.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was great excitement (most from myself and David) as we opened the new drum of teat dip.  It leaves everyone with bright dayglo pink teats after milking.  Fantastic!

And talking of bright pink ... how's this for a hideous 'selfie'?

Yes, that's my right foot.  You have to take my word for it that my feet are not usually that shape and colour!!  This was the result of climbing over a gate on Monday and landing on a block of wood that was hidden in the straw.  Fortunately, I had my big boots on .. otherwise I think there was a serious possibility that I  may have broken my ankle.

As it was, I could not put my foot to the floor.  Having managed to prise my boot off (amidst much swearing and shouting from me) David kindly provided me with what Anita described as a 'rural crutch'.  Bears a strange similarity to a broom ..

Anita managed to stop laughing long enough to take this photo, before she very kindly drove me home that evening.

Hopefully on the mend now, even if I am still slow and hobbling!

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