Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's starting to look a lot like Xmas ..

I will be glad when Xmas finally arrives and we can all get our breath back!  Since my last post, I seem to have spent my entire week bottling milk and dealing with cheese - making it, packing it, weighing it, putting it in my van ... Fantastic!  I love to be busy but this is getting a bit ridiculous now ..

And what glorious weather!  Not ... Lashing rain and gale force winds caused havoc with our straw stack on Wednesday night as Anita and myself had to use all our weight (no rude comments please!) to hold a very large tarpaulin down whilst David frantically positioned tractors to wedge all the covers back in place. 

Wimbledon market was slightly blustery today (to say the least!) and David had to screw most of my awning back together this evening where everything had rattled loose in the wind.  But the good people of Wimbledon still came out in force despite the appalling weather and sales were steady, if a little damp!

Needless to say, those goatie girls and boys have not set a hoof outside in this dreadful weather.  Looks like Mary's lot have settled in pretty well now - what do you reckon?

Nice and relaxed!

And this pile of goaties look pretty comfy too!

I have a theory that a lot of goatie behaviour is genetic.  Take Betty goat for example .. almost 10 years old and still stamps her little feet when she is being milked.  Her daughters are all the same, as are her grand-daughters and great grand-daughters.

So, how about this one? 

This is Columbia, almost 8 years old but stil prone to bouts of silly behaviour, as you can see.  She is not being milked at the moment but still likes to come through the parlour to have some food .. but then she gets bored and sits on the bar and swings her back legs in the air.

I have only ever seen 3 of our goaties do this - the first one was an old goat called Fancyfree who died long before our little blog was begun.  Here she is in the old milking parlour ..

And Free was Columbia's mum .... Interesting don't you think?!

So, off to bed for me.  Early start again in the morning - back up to London ready for another market day in Marylebone -  I do hope the weather is considerably better than today!

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  1. Funny photos! Hate to be the bearer of bad news but looks as though the forecast is for rain all day tomorrow, although less windy in London than back here in Kent.
    Good luck!