Monday, 1 April 2013

Goatie HQ

Forgot to tell you that I have upgraded my goat trailer!  Here's the current goat HQ:

Fab eh?!  Not as large or as plush as Jane the Cheese's caravan but it is warm and cosy and all mine!  So I can have as many goats in there as I want ...

At the moment only two little people in there who are not doing so well ...  They have been in there all day today keeping warm and we have been looking in on them regularly and feeding them nice warm milk to try and get their strength up a bit:

Even though it was very chilly today, many of the big girls went for a stroll around in the field.  I think the brief spell of sunshine encouraged them all to go outside for a breath of fresh air.

But they soon came thundering back indoors when we had a wonderful surprise visit from Francesca!  Needless to say - Footsie was first one to the gate for her banana:

The girls were all very pleased to see their Auntie Fran, especially as she had brought 3 huge bags of bananas with her!

Valerie and her little barn elves were all over the place again as usual today - those little chaps are getting big now:

Right .. I'm back off to my caravan to see what those two little people are up to.  Probably just asleep in their box!

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