Sunday, 30 December 2012

A leisurely weekend (for a change!)

What a lovely leisurely weekend that was!  Yesterday was the first and only Saturday that I have not had a market in 2012.  A whole day off!!!  Well, almost .. usual goatie tasks and a quick cheese delivery to Faversham and the rest of the day was my own to get stuck into the mountains of paperwork that litter my floor.

This morning we put piles of new straw and haylage in for those big old Gracie Moos outside in the yard:

And then this afternoon David and I took the doggies out for a run in the woods near to the farm.  A rare treat as we never get time to do this type of thing any more.  Years ago in the mists of time, before goats (was there ever a time before goats?!) I would spend hours walking the old dogs through the woods.  I knew all the tracks like the back of my hand.  And in all those hours I never ever met a single other person.  I love those woods.

Margot goat is much happier today and came through the parlour for her dinner tonight.  Fremlin, on the other hand, decided that he couldn't cope with the excitement again and so he stayed over the 'non-milking' side of the barn tonight for his supper.

Meanwhile, Cristal just continues to grow:


  1. Lovely photos of the woods - and it doesn't look too muddy there. The grass at the top of Tankerton Slopes was under inches of water in places yesterday and full of sandpipers and seagulls rootling around

    I sympathise with Cristal's increasing girth but mine is simply too much Christmas fayre and not enough exercise. :-)

    Happy New Year to you, David and the goaties (and Marmite of course)

  2. The pics of the woods are a bit misleading as they were pretty muddy in places. I was slip-sliding around down some of the tracks! But, as you know, we are at the top of the Downs and so most of the rain just runs downhill to you poor lowlanders :-)