Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Another little calf arrives

So there I was, minding my own business, bottling up lovely goatie milk for customers when David's dad suddenly appeared.  Apparently one of the cows was calving and it looked like she may need help.  With David away in Gloucestershire on a 'Goat Farm Walk', there was only the batty goatkeeper to lend a hand.

So, we picked up all the necessary paraphernalia like calving ropes, big bottles of lube and a rope halter and off we went in the truck to the field down the road.  Of course, she and the other Gracie Moos were on the far side of the field ... off we trudged.  When we arrived, there was one girl standing on her own and as we approached, she moo'd at us.  Strange, I thought.  They only usually make that particular moo when they have a calf with them.  As indeed she did ....  She had popped it out all by herself without any help from those humans.

Another little bull calf!

He is a solid little chap and was soon up and about.  He will be good company for the older boy who is growing up very quickly:
These little calves are so lucky - they really have 5 mums to look after them!

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