Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hopping mad!

Wye Market was pretty quiet this morning - I think everyone must have been at the Faversham Hop Festival! 

 I called in there after lunch to see how Jane the Cheese was getting along and the place was absolutely heaving. Wall to wall people ... Lots of beer, hops and fierce looking Morris men all over the place. Fantastic!! Jane was going great guns and I got sent back up to the dairy to bring back more cheese!

And tomorrow is another day!  Hope she's got enough cheese ...

Meanwhile, back at the farm, muckspreading continues apace in readiness for sowing that lovely herbal grass seed in a few weeks time:

The slightly colder weather has made some of the goatie girls think about the possibility of a little romance, though I have yet to see a waggy tail.  Having ignored those beautiful boys of mine for the last few months, some of the girls are now starting to take an interest on what lies behind the fence to the cattle yard. 

As I went round to give the chaps their dinner tonight, I was watched by several interested young females.

And down at the goatlings' house, the hormones are definitely starting to kick in.  It has to be said that young Larkin is starting to small a little more 'manly' than last week, and some of the girls are starting to fight amongst themselves.  A sure sign of hormones!!  Bathilda and Pavarti were having a bit of a tussle tonight:

And in the middle set of babies, one young man decided that he couldn't be bothered queuing with everyone else for his tea.  So he leapt over the fence and had his food from the outside of the trough:

Off to London for me tomorrow.  Parson's Green, here I come!


  1. OH.. those wonderfully norty Goaty folk.. what did you do before you has them in your life.. WE giggle when WE look at those faces and remember the look on Victoria's face when she was caught by Hugo.. with a 'red mouthed' as it were with a mouthful of his prized Carnations... BLEEEAT.. as he explained the error of her ways..

    OH.. drat! WE forgot.. first Sunday of the month.. Parsons Green... many rude words..

  2. Life before goats ... Mmmm ... I had a life before goats. I had 'spare' time and 'spare' money and decent clothes. I used to wash regularly and go out places and not worry what time I went out or came home. Now I have no time, no money and all my clothes are full of holes (courtesy of nibbling little mouths). I don't bother to wash (only joking) ... and any (very rare) excursions have to be timed around feeding and milking. I don't have any two-legged friends left and I spend most of my time talking to goats (and Marmite cat). And you know something? I wouldn't change it for the world!!