Friday, 27 April 2012

Ladies in waiting

Just a very quick post before I head back up to the goat shed for the night.  Both ZsaZsa and Figgie were looking a bit 'goatie' earlier this evening - standing about, shifting their weight from side to side and looking generally a bit preoccupied.  Probably just uncomfortable but I think I will stay up there just in case of nocturnal events.

There was certainly something on the move inside Figgie this morning - I think one of her kids was having a good move about and we kept on seeing little feet and a head pushing at her left side.  I took a photo on my phone - not sure how well it will reproduce on here but take a look at the lower part of her side nearest the camera and see the couple of little lumps sticking out.  Aliens ....

And while David was unloading hay from a trailer yesterday, he spotted a small nest which a bird had built in between the bales whilst the trailer has been sitting in the tractor shed.  He carefully moved the nest to a beam on the side of the shed at the same height it had been on the trailer, making sure that he didn't touch the tiny chicks inside.  Mum was flying around inside the shed later in the day so hopefully she will have found her relocated nest and fed her babies. 

I have a weekend of markets ahead of me.  From the sound of the weather forecast I think I had better take my wellies with me .. could be a very wet and windy Wimbledon and Parson's Green!


  1. Oh dear ... hope it was drier in S W London than it is in Kent. Non stop rain all day in Whitstable and Dartford/Bexley (where we visited our Mums)

    Hope Figgie 'does the business' and feels more comfortable soon :-)

  2. Nice weather for ducks!! Wimbledon was wet but P Green was wet and VERY windy.