Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Friends and sisters

Goats are herd animals and like to live together as a group.  Our animals all live together - kids in one barn, males in another and milkers and goatlings all together in the main area.  It always makes me happy to see them snuggled up to each other when I open the door in the mornings.  Most often, they will curl up next to their sister (if they have one) or next to a special friend.  Sometimes they will just snuggle up to a nice comfy warm looking goat! 

Lucy and Marcie were curled up together this morning and this always brings a tear to my eye whenever I see them.

Marcie is the one at the front.  She was desperately ill last year and it took a lot of time and effort (and willpower on her part) to get her through it.  For several weeks she was housed in the main barn but penned separately from the other goats so that she had space to herself.  We have found this to be the best option for very sick goats - they like to be on their own but near to all their friends so that they can see everyone.  Lucy, Marcie's sister, would often come and lie next to the pen so that she could be close to Marcie.

Although Marcie recovered very well, the illness left her slightly 'simple' and she now has what our vet describes as a 'vacant' look.  She is totally happy and well but seems to be in her own little world some of the time!

When Marcie was finally well enough to go back in with all the other goats, I let her out and she immediately walked over to her sister.  Lucy rubbed her head against her and then walked away.  She somehow knew that Marcie was now slightly 'different' and couldn't quite come to terms with it.  It took many weeks before she would accept her again but now they are back together and inseparable.  Like I said - it brings a tear to my eye whenever I see them snuggled up together as I remember how we almost lost Marcie.

Remember Siouxsie?  The goat who was having acupuncture?  Well, she has finished her current course and although she still has problems with her food sticking in her cheek, she does seem to have put on a little weight and is doing well.  She doesn't have a sister but curls up next to anyone who looks comfy!  Here she is this morning curled up with one of the goatlings - totally different age group to Siouxsie but they obviously get along just fine.

And even the big tough old males cuddle up together at night!  Navajo and Beamish are often found in this corner.

And finally ... a couple of naughty goats for you.  Here's Willow, who is the prime suspect for opening the parlour gate on Sunday afternoon:

A very pregnant Ginger goat - who can no longer squeeze through the gate or climb over the top of them:

And little Morgana who decided that it was worth checking if there was any food left in the wheelbarrow:

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  1. Hello Debbie. Try giving Goat whose food sticks in her chops an old Herbal remedy called Swedish Bitters, it aids the digestive system. so happy to see Morgan acting like a happy Goat. Next Sunday @ Parsons green, please would you bring me 6 x1 pint bottles .. you know me, I am the mad woman who bleats at you ..... aka Sara..