Sunday, 11 December 2011

All I seemed to have done over the past few days is to load and unload my van with boxes and cheese and gazebos and all the other assorted paraphernalia required for markets and deliveries!  My poor little van is quite worn out!

Saturday in Balham was a beautiful but freezing cold day - pretty quiet though, as I think everyone was out doing their Xmas gift shopping rather than buying cheese.  Not a bad day but certainly not as good as the last market in November.  I expect that next weekend will be much busier, but I won't be there to enjoy it!  Lenham market today was wet and cold and also fairly quiet but those customers who did venture out were spending, so that was good.  A country dancing team came along and gave a short performance - myself and a couple of the other stallholders joined in.  Great way to keep the feet warm.  Sadly no photos though ..

Just a few more markets left for me now before Xmas - guest appearance this Thursday at the Charing W.I. market.  I did it a couple of months ago for a Food Festival that was going on in the village.  Seems that everyone enjoyed our cheese so much that they have invited us back for the pre-Xmas market.  Always a nice cup of tea and a bit of cake at the W.I. functions!

Milking tonight was largely uneventful, apart from a surprise appearance from Peaches goatling.  She was obviously too busy eating hay when we split off the milkers at the start of milking and so ended up being left behind, instead of moving across to eat with the rest of the goatlings.  As the last milkers came into the parlour she was left on her own and so started to complain very loudly about it.  We managed to coax her into the parlour and so here she is enjoying her tea in very unfamiliar surroundings!

What a brave goat she is!  It does the goatlings no harm at all to come through the parlour from time to time - they get used to the machinery and the noise and so it's not so stressful and strange for them when they become milkers and have to do it for real!

Everyone is in for a busy morning tomorrow as the scanning man is coming to check out all our (hopefully) pregnant ladies.  My last job for tonight is to sort out my list of girls with their possible due dates so that we can cross-check with what the scanner shows.  Full report tomorrow night!

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