Thursday, 10 November 2011

RIP Cherie

When you have livestock, there are good days and there are bad days.   Sometimes there are very bad days.  Today was one such day when we lost one of our lovely girls.

Cherie was a lovely little British Toggenburg - not even 3 years old.  She was named after her father Cherokee and was mated to our white male Daramac last autumn.  She was the last of our goats to kid this spring, giving us a little white female (Zola) and her little brown brother.

Although she had a slight problem with mastitis on one side of her udder when she kidded, she quickly got over it and had been fine ever since.  However, about 3 weeks ago, she suffered another sudden bout and, despite all our efforts, did not respond to any treatment.  On veterinary advice, we took the heartbreaking decision to have her put down and so she died quietly in my arms with all her friends around her.

Although little white Zola is a different colour to her mum, she has the same cheeky little face and a very similar character so Cherie will not be forgotten.

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