Goatie Gifts

Many of our goatie products make perfect gifts - check out our separate pages for details on Goat's Milk Soap and our luxurious Kid Skins.

If you are more interested in food, then we can gift wrap any of our cheeses, either individually or as part of a small gift pack.  Why not combine one or two cheeses with crackers and chutney for that instant foodie gift!

Our available cheeses for the season are:

Ellie’s Original Cheese - pasteurised                                              £22.00  per kg
(individual cheeses approx 130g)
Fresh and mild.  Feta-like in texture but with a flavour
reminiscent of Cheshire or Wensleydale

Ellie’s Herb or Chilli Cheese  - pasteurised                                     £23.00 per kg
(individual cheeses approx 130g)
As above but rolled in crushed chillis or herbs & mint

Shaggy’s Beard Camembert   - pasteurised                                     £28.00 per kg
(individual cheeses approx 150g)
Young camembert-style ripened cheese with
white rind

Fremlin’s Kentish Log - pasteurised                                                 £28.00 per kg
(sold in approx 1kg logs for cutting or as
individual cheeses approx 120g)
Ripened goat log – creamy with white rind

Fresh Goat Curd – pasteurised
(sold in pots to weight of your choice)
Soft and creamy.  Similar to a cream cheese                                  £23.00 per kg

Canterbury Goat – hard unpasteurised 3 months old
(500-600g truckles or vac-packed wedges cut to size)
Creamy, nutty flavour.                                                                     £28.00 per kg

We have sourced our jams and chutneys from fellow traders and have selected them specially to compliment our delicious cheeses.

Beetroot & Horseradish Relish
Quince Jelly
Hot Chilli Jam
Onion & Chilli Chutney
Jamaican Sorrel Jelly

Our crackers come from Stag Bakeries on the Isle of Lewis and go perfectly with our cheese:

Cocktail Water Biscuits with Seaweed
Cocktail Walnut Oatcakes

Gift packs range from £5 for an individually boxed Shaggy's Beard camembert:

Gift boxes range from £12 - £25 depending on the size and contents:

Or, how about one of our Canterbury Goat truckles with a jar of Quince Jelly?  £20

We are happy to advise on cheese combinations!  Please contact us for further details to ellie@elliesdairy.co.uk

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